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Geothermal system


How does a geothermal system works?

It utilizes the constant underground temperature in order:

A.     to absorb heat from the ground through the circulating fluid in the exchanger and attach it through the geothermal heat pump to the building during the winter,

B.     to abduct the heat from the building and attach it through the heat exchanger to the cooler ground during the summer by working in reverse.

The geothermal air conditioning can be installed in all new housing estates and buildings, including residential complex and buildings, professional areas and industrial units. The horizontal loop of geothermal systems are composed of three divisions:

a. the geothermal exchanger, which is a closed circuit  of underground pipes that expel or absorb heat from the ground.

b. water heat pump, which draws energy from one place and attaches to another.

c. the system gives or absorbs heat from indoor spaces.

Heat pumps can be combined with efficient heating systems, low temperatures, such as underfloor heating systems, fan-coil ... Not recommended to be combined with conventional type of radiators such as panels but when combined should radiators be over-dimensioned to operate at lower temperatures.


Basic advantages of geothermal systems.

1. No oil use and therefore zero CO2.

2. 70 - 80% of energy provided by the environment.

3. Reduce operating costs by over 60% compared to conventional heating and cooling systems.

4. Fuel tank is not required.

5. No chimney is required.

6. A machine for heating and cooling with low maintenance costs.

7. No maintenance required to geothermal exchangers, while the heat pump only periodic inspection.


Heat pump types

Depending on the source of energy, heat pumps are divided into air, water and ground
Advantages of heat pumps

Heat pumps are the renewable energy systems with high energy efficiency.
International Congress of Geothermics

The International Forum “The Geothermal Energy in the spotlight” was successfully ...


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System improvements
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